What I’m Looking at: Jeremy Kohm

December 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once a week, one of the Grasshopper folks will post something that tickles their fancy, in hopes that you find it interesting also. Our first entry is by Jeremy Kohm, check it out!

As a kid I never got into collecting postage stamps.  My parents tried to prod my interest by encouraging me to collect stamps when we’d visit foreign countries, but the whole thing just seemed a little silly. There was very little appeal in collecting something that has someone’s stale saliva on the back of it.

Well it turns out I am interested in stamps.

By no means am I a collector but when I inherited a collection from a family relative who was quite the enthusiast I started to sift through the mounds of stamps that had recently become mine.As someone who’s influenced by history and design, it seems that these two subjects collide in the exciting world of stamps.


Considering that the canvas is somewhere around 2 cm x 2.75 cm, it’s quite impressive. The details, design and narrative that can all be crammed into something that you’re simply suppose to lick and throw away.

I have a few favourites that serve as creative stimulation but these 6 stamps that celebrate the former Soviet Union’s achievement in space is one of the top two on my list.


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