What I’m Looking at: Liam Mogan

January 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

I don’t know about you folks, but as a kid, one of my favourite books was The Hobbit, and later on Lord of the Rings.  In 2001,  I was 19 years old and saw the Fellowship of the Ring in theatres – my mind was blown.  I made sure to see the Two Towers and Return of the King while in college.

When I heard they were making the Hobbit movie, I was SO excited.. then I heard it was going to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro.  I have nothing against Mr. Del Toro (except Hell Boy 2….that was painful), Pan’s Labyrinth was an AMAZING movie, but I was discouraged to find Peter Jackson was taking on the role of producer.  Fortunately for me, Jackson is now back in the directors chair.

Needles to say I’m really pumped to see this movie (AND its a two parter).  Check out the trailer!

I’ve been reading The Hobbit Blog for a couple months now and am amazed at seeing these production videos.  The sheer scale of the production/set building/logistics that this film requires is incredible.  As a photographer, the biggest crew I’ve had the chance to work with is around 10.  Having to organize a crew of 500… wow.

I had a nerdgasm when they talked about their 3D set up and the problem solving that went into making it work.  (It’s also cool to see 30 or so Red Epics in one room). So far, there are five production videos, you should really check them out! Here is one to get you started..

Also, it’s got to be nice to have a fleet of helicopters for location scouting.  Ha!


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