What I’m Looking at: Angela Lewis

January 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Rows and rows of palm trees shape the Los Angeles skyline, but there is so much more happening here under the sun, that must be mentioned. I have spent the majority of January in LA, to explore the cities landscapes, restaurants and people .. but mostly to escape the Toronto winter chill.
First things first – Tacos have invaded my tummy. There are many taco trucks/stands everywhere in LA and you can usually trust most ma n’ pa taco shops to provide you with a satisfying meal or snack.. but I was the most excited for Cactus. They made my favourite taco since I’ve been here, the classic pastor (BBQ pork) & avocado taco for $1.85. We also tried their Champorado, which is a hot chocolate rice porridge.. it had incredible rich and earthy flavour.

People just LOVE Trader Joes in the US and I totally get why. TJ’s is a pretty popular place to grocery shop, because they have low prices, quality food, they skip the middle man, and give the yummiest free samples to you while you shop. The main reason I am writing about them, is because I discovered their Pumpkin Butter (much like apple butter), and am addicted. Its like having pumpkin pie for breakfast every morning on your toast. This jar was gone in a week.

Rose Bowl Flea Market
is held in the beautiful Pasadena, and is HUGE. Prices are very reasonable and they have a lot of unique finds. It happens every second Sunday of the month. My favourite spotting (for personal reasons) was a Canadian toonie for sale in one of the jewelry boxes.

This past Monday we went to The Kingdom Parade, which is in honour of Martin Luther King’s birthday. This was the highlight of my trip. We headed out to Inglewood to catch the parade, eat some pie and watch some fine cats groove.

I spent 30 hours in the Salton Sea and it changed my life. If you see me, ask me about my adventures there .. if I haven’t already blurted it out once I see you. Also, check out the documentary called Bombay Beach, that is where I spent most of my time.



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