What I’m Looking at: Aristea Rizakos

January 24, 2012 § 1 Comment

This week photographer Aristea Rizakos shares what’s in front of her eyes:

Every so often I run some expired film through my Holga and casually snap away. I also take my time getting the film to the lab to be processed.
Partly because I am in no rush to spend money on processing and frankly I like to be surprised with the proofs months later.  I recently went through some old photos in my ‘randoms box’ and found this pic of an old tv left for the curb.
Yes, it is common to find old electronics tossed to the side on garbage day to be picked up for recycling. They are most often thrown out simply because they either don’t work or are not wanted anymore.

When looking at this image, it reminds me of the day when my family put out the old 1970’s RCA model out on the curb for pick up. Out with the old in with new was pretty exciting.

This old model was incased in hard wood, occupied too much space and weighed a ton…well close enough.
It was our first family tv which served us happily for many years with countless hours of entertainment. However, there were many moments spent wrestling with my brother over the converter…he won most of the time.

I never really thought about how much time was spent with my family growing up in front of a tv. It’s just one of those memories I tune into each time I come across one of these discarded relics. If you are soon to be getting rid of an old tv, be sure to give Chuck and Vince a call to take care of the disposal…enjoy the video.


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§ One Response to What I’m Looking at: Aristea Rizakos

  • Tom Keane says:

    It was a pleasure to meet one of the papparazzi at the Toronto Star Cocktail Hour last night.

    I like this photo and story. How many wishes were forged by this TV, how many hopes and fears and how many shared moments of laughter and tears? A beautiful moment captured by one technolgy and a story that is weaved by an artist of the lens. Bravo Aristea!

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