Pictures From Gangster’s Cell Phone

March 22, 2012 § 1 Comment

There’s few things about this image that I’d love to dive into but first a word from our sponsor . . .

Alright folks – big changes ahead. We are going to be making a few adjustments to our beloved blog over the next few weeks and we don’t want to confuse any of our readers. Yes, we’re still following the theme of all things photo related but we’re also going to pull open the curtain and reveal a little bit more about ourselves. That’s right social networking is now going to allow us to connect with you in the virtual world. As time progresses we hope that you’ll be able to get a feel for who we are and what shapes us. Then you can judge us from the comfort of your own computer. We promise you lots of fun and perhaps even the opportunity to learn (no guarantee).  Keep an eye out for the signature at the end of each blog post so you you’ll know who is saying what. We always welcome a response so don’t hold back and we promise not to judge, we’ll save that for you.

I (Jeremy) am going to kick off the blog’s new approach by including this link (be warned there is implied violence) as something I came across that has made my jaw drop and managed to retain my interest. These are shots taken from a Chinese gangsters cell phone. I have no idea if they are authentic or not and will allow you to pass your own judgement (told you so). I am dumbfounded by the idea that a gangster would actually shoot these moments on his cell phone. In a day and age when everyone wants to hack into the celeb-of-the-moments cellphone these images certainly imply that a viewer can now catch a glimpse of almost any lifestyle. As if there was any doubt, the cellphone has certainly become the  newest and most revealing documentary photographer.

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