Behind the Scenes with Liam Mogan

March 29, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey folks,

This isn’t a typical behind the scenes post for me, but i thought I’d share it anyway. Think of it more as a creative retreat.

A couple weekends ago, I went up north to work on part of a joint creative between Angela and myself. It was a spontaneous trip, and a nice excuse to dust off the old medium format film camera. This camera literally, (no, I don’t mean figuratively), had not seen the light of day since my time in college. A little sad when you think about it! Also, it happened to be the perfect way to escape all the green beer-drinking, shillelagh-wagging shenanigans that were bound to happen; that weekend being the notorious Celtic holiday about snake-chasing. So with all of two hours planning and preparation, I packed up my gear, some food, and a couple bottles of Jameson whiskey of course, and headed off.

My friend and up-and-coming food stylist, Andrew Bullis, joined me and was nice enough to offer up his family cabin. A pretty cool little place by a small lake right next to Algonquin Park; apparently at one point it was a German hunting lodge. The drive up was a little precarious; at some points it was so foggy we couldn’t see ten feet in front of the car. Needless to say we made it safe and sound. We got there fairly late due to the fog, and it was still snowed in so hiking in our gear was necessary. No big deal, but I, being as organized and thoughtful as I tend to be, brought only one pair of sneakers.

That night I was shooting until five in the morning. The fog was so intense that whole night; it really added an eerie mood to the whole environment. It wasn’t at all the way I’d planned to shoot, but hey – very cool nonetheless. The next morning was a bit harsh, with one bottle of Jameson down for the count. No problem – a breakfast of strong black coffee and a tasty, spicy chorizo burrito was an adequate cure. The rest of the morning was spent wandering around the wilderness, photographing scenes for my creative with Miss Angela.

And then, we bought a gun…

Well, a high powered air rifle, to be exact. Why did we buy it? Andrew would say, “Why wouldn’t you buy it? It’s a gun!” In reality, I couldn’t tell you – I guess we were getting in the spirit of Northern Ontario. Afterwards, my productivity basically went down the drain. I went from shooting wilderness scenes to shooting tin cans pretty friggin’ fast. I swear that doesn’t get boring! We were shooting cans for a good five hours straight! To be honest, I did go out and photograph later, and I’m more than happy with the results.

In conclusion, I’d have to say that if this story had a moral it would be: buying a gun is ALWAYS a great idea.

NRA here i come…just kidding.

Thanks for reading,



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