Shooting for Extreme Group: Jeremy Kohm

March 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

For those of you who are interested in the tech element of photography this isn’t the post for you. But for those of you who like the sound of big numbers this might be right up your alley.

I just finished shooting a job for the good folks over at Extreme Group. They were great and unbelievably accommodating as we ended up having to roll the dice with the winter weather. After moving the shoot days several times the deadline ultimately forced us to pick a date. We surfed the web until we found a weather report that gave us the conditions we wanted and tried to convince ourselves that it would all work out. Fingers were crossed and prayers were answered. We scored the 1 sunny day in a long stretch of constant rain and cloud.

However it was -20 C.

Because of the technical demands of the job I got the opportunity to shoot the images on an H4X with an IQ180 digital back. All this really means is that you need $60,000 worth of insurance and a certificate saying that someone else is getting the money if you break the thing. This digital back boasts 85 megapixels of raw firepower. It might not shoot with the same gusto as Liam’s air gun but it probably weighs a little more. 85 megapixels translate into something like 250 mb when processed out. This gave Photoshop a small heart attack and would frequently protest the adding of layers by crashing. I sent a lot of reports to Apple that day.

My verdict: it’s fancy and gives you bragging rights but at -20 on location it’s not at its best. It’s slow and cumbersome to use and when the fingers are numb the touch screen is irrelevant. The image is absolutely amazing and (being the detail oriented kinda guy that I am) I was impressed by the quality of the image. But overall the repetitive error messages and slow writing time proved that this camera should be saved for non-urgent shooting in controlled conditions.

Here’s what the landscape looks like a-la-85-megapixel:

-Jeremy Kohm


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