Jeremy Goes to Prison.

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Years ago when I was assisting on a photo shoot that had me spending the day in a maximum security penitentiary. I asked the warden how someone like me would fare in prison. In my mind I was picturing the Fugitive – smart, good looking, street smart guy wrongly incarcerated. He gave me the up and down and laughed. Luckily he decided to impart his wisdom: ” Some guys join a gang and they do ok, other guys put themselves in solitare voluntarily, some of the bigger guys who are around 7′ 2″ tend to do alright but for the rest, they usually make it 2 or 3 days until there’s an incident.”

Uh, ok.

Fortunately this project, commissioned by The Grid, had me visiting a film and tv studio where they constructed some pretty neat sets. To view the full photo essay click here.

And let me reiterate the obvious, especially if you’re a hipster. Don’t go to prison.


Liam shoots a little bit for Cottage Life

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CL_APRILOn news stands now.  There’s also an amazing Chili recipe in this issue.  Check it out.


Liam and PBS for the WIN!

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Opening image for "Dead Things We Eat"

Opening image for “Dead Things We Eat”

Liam Mogan’s series, Dead Things We Eat, win at Applied Arts photo annual.  Check out the good folks at Poor But Sexy blog for more pix.


Worlds Best Designed News Paper

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Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

Liam Mogan takes home two awards from The Society for News Design.  Award of Excellence for his feature “Holiday Hooch” and a Silver Medal for the Chef’s guide.  The Grid also won Worlds Best Designed News Paper for the second year in a row!  Go Team!

Award of Excellence

Award of Excellence

Silver Medal

Silver Medal

Liam shoot’s Toronto Life’s gift guide

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Last December was a busy one for Liam Mogan.  He shot around 130 images over the course of 3 crazy days.  Here’s the result

Liam plays with fire for the Globe and Mail.

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Shooting for The Globe has its challenges – mainly they do not allow any post production.  Everything has to be done in camera.  There is zero retouching in these images.  One hundred percent purely technical lighting.  


Snowshoes with Liam

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Shot in studio for the winter issue of Cottage Life.